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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Couple cutting their cake

Maids of honour

Bride and groom

Davido performing

Patience Jonathan

Maybe because of the many hoopla that attended the other parts of the wedding that had taken place before, the families were a lot more guarded as per this final installment, which took place in Abuja, the FCT.

We had reported in our earlier reports how this final installment was going to go. The mothers night preceded the main thing.

The main thing, which was the white wedding itself was at the Central Mosque in Abuja, where vows were exchanged amidst tight security on Friday, December 8, 2017, thereafter guests and all moved to the International Conference Centre Abuja, where the humongous reception took place, as was expected it was classy all the way, decent dressing and no "hoochie coochie lalala". As was expected also there was no alcohol whatsoever served, but food was in overabundance.

The entertainment factor was litt too as "Runtown and David Adeleke aka Davido" performed gleefully to everyone's delight, and later on Africa's best international act known to the world as "Wizkid" performed at the after party that had the younger crowd in attendance, and where alcohol later flowed as it was mainly the young crowd, who weren't held back by anything whatsoever.

In all, it was more like any other upscale wedding party that takes place everytime in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. In attendance were many dignitaries, likes of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo our Ex-president, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, top Government functionaries and other bigwigs, chief of which was Madam Patience Jonathan, the former first lady of Nigeria.

More after the break.


Come next week Sunday, December 17, 2017 to be more precise, all roads would be leading to the expansive compound of the home of top lawyer cum successful businessman, Chief Adewunmi Adedeji Ogunsanya, as he hosts family and friends for his daughter's traditional wedding and engagement reception.

Dewunmi Ogunsanya, is the super rich lawyer, an SAN at that, who is the chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria (MNET) the owners of DSTV, GOTV, etc, he is also a director at Heritage Bank.

The chairman as he is famously called is known to be a perfect host. His Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria home located on Queen's Drive overlooking the lagoon is also believed to be one of the most beautiful and most techy homes in Lagos if not NIGERIA, which when it was finished a few years back, was said to have consumed a few of the man's billions in Naira. It is this same expansive compound, where the edifice is located that would host all and sundry on Sunday.

One person that would be greatly missed on the day of the occasion though, is the gorgeous late wife of the top businessman and well to do lawyer; madam passed on a few years ago after a resilient battle with cancer. Just imagine if she was around? As she would most definitely have been the perfect hostess at her daughter's traditional wedding and engagement making sure it is the bomb!

But not to worry though, Dewunmi Ogunsanya is known to be more than capable, he would make sure his wife's memory would be kept intact as he does the needful to host a great ceremony for their daughter.

We expect that the who-is-who of the corporate world, the top celebrities and stars of the entertainment world and so many others to grace the occasion.

We hope to give you an updated report on the event afterwards. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Imagine that there are crazy problems besetting his state, especially as abject poverty is starring many in the face.

Many haven't collected many months of salaries. State is owing pensioners their due, myriads of problems here and there that the government is grappling with like they are overwhelmed, and then the insensitiveness of now opening and publicly too at that a massive or should we say humongous edifice for yourself?

It's just crazy, mad crazy, absolutely insensitive and uncaring to say the least.

We hear that the people have raised a lot of hoopla already though.  


Better late than never at all, as it completely skipped our mind.

The first son of the APC returnee, Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro by name BabaJide Ibrahim Obanikoro, 36 and his gorgeous wife, Fatima who used to be an assistant editor on the Style desk at Vanguard Allure magazine welcomed a bouncing baby gal into their family many days ago.

This is actually Jide's 5th child for now, he had 2 at first from his Oyinbo girlfriend whilst he was still in school, 2 more here and now this his gorgeous new baby from Fatima making the 5th child. 

The baby girl is the newest addition to the growing clan of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, who was the Minister of State for Defence in the administration of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR.

Jide is the APC chieftain's first son and was 36 in June. He ran for election under the PDP at a point but lost to the APC candidate who became the mayor of the Obalende LG. 


A picture or pictures it is said says what normally a thousand words would or could convey. So for this post, we would embrace the less word is more axiom. That's because the pictures all say it all already, so why over flog it!

It's an ode to the curvy life, as poetically rendered by the number 1 (Numero Uno) curvy life exponent herself, the incredible bad mama jammer, Latasha  "the sumptuously curvy" Ngwube. 

Friday, December 8, 2017


Imagine that everyone worth their salt are getting prepared for the Arabian magic that is set to unfold and to be unleashed come this Sunday, December 10, 2017.

And the magician of extraordinary repute that is putting the extraordinary showcase that would blow the people's mind away is none other than the elegant glamour queen of TV herself, her royal sweetness, Mo Abudu, the founder/initiator and boss at EbonyLife TV.

What's the occasion? It's none other than the world premiere of "The Wedding Party 2", the sequel to the hilarious "The Wedding Party", which we only just watched for the 1st time a few days back.

We were one of those allowed to have a private view of the new film a few days ago at the Imax filmhouse, Victoria Island and we can tell you without revealing much that this 2nd part is a more big budget endeavour and from the beginning to the end it was comedic excellence at it's best and fun galore. From what we experienced, those that attended nearly laughed their heads off. Many of the cast gave a super great account of themselves. Maybe after the film has premiered officially we would do a more precise critique of the whole thing, the story line, the cast, the acting, the cinematography, the editing and the likes. For now we can tell you without mincing words, that it was an hilarious experience and there was this "good feel factor" about the film. Something very obvious immediately is that the budget was upped and quite heavily too.

Those of us that attended the premiere also had the honour of meeting the crew and the cast that made the whole thing happen.

So the world premiere is this coming Sunday and the style theme is "ARABIAN" in look and ambience! We would all be entralled, transfixed, blown over, mesmerised, gobsmarked etc by the magic that would be displayed and unleashed. The fashionistas, the stylish ones and co, a few that we know, are already going gaga about what to wear and how they want to stand out from all others and upstage all others too at the same time.

Style will meet panache, elegance will connect with glamour, Elan will salute gorgeousness, grace will mix with oomph on Sunday and we promise to bring the whole proceedings to you all LIVE.

We know it's going to be LIT! We are looking forward to have our pick of who would be the "Arabian Sheikh" that will stand out the most that day and would be the most stylish man and also we would be looking out for "queen of Arabia" that day, whose style all others would bow to.

The venue of course like you all already know is the expansive hall of the main hall of the Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos. .

We are totally loving that such class of events, occasions are all happening back to back this December, at least adding colour to a year that has been somewhat sudbued, due to the economic meltdown and depression that has affected all comers.

So Sunday, December 10, 2017 here we come!  Maestro's Media would showcase the colours and spectacle of the whole shebang.

Salute Mo Abudu! 


Sign of what's to come

Just before we forget what is probably the most important thing to us, we have thought to pause here and now, and say from the deepest most part of our heart to you all, a very big, immense, unrestrained thank you to everyone of you, that have made this hilarious, fun filled platform what it is.

Let us first apologize without any reservations whatsoever for going AWOL for a whole 2 years plus!!!That was crazy, that was mad and totally irresponsible. One must never take their fans and supporters for granted and for that disappearing act alone we A.P.O.L.O.G.I.Z.E unreservedly !

You all, either with your registered names like Gbogbo Bigz gal, Mama BornGirl, Fan, Palesa, Blair Witch, Love and Charm, Aproko, Iyoba and all the wonderful and hilarious anonymouses we cannot thank you all enough and show our appreciation enough. You are all the wind beneath our sail, the outboard engine powering our boat, without you there's no us. One can write and post from now till kingdom come, if it's not read it's just a futile endeavour, that would frustrate the most hardworking person.

We greatly, wonderfully, excellently, awesomely, magnificently, thankfully appreciate you all. We have not deliberately and intentionally forgotten any name. So please bear with us, if it seem like we did. Welcome back to your 1st home GBG and thanks Fan for calling her to come back! Thank you GBG, MBG, Palesa, Fan, BW, L&C for always keeping it tight!

This outgoing 2017 was an extraordinary year in its own way,  we laughed together, had fun together, got angry, fought and reconciled, many got married and many got separated or divorced, many celebrated new births, birthdays were marked or celebrated, many celebrated many landmark events, many levels changed, many got reality checks and many passed on, but we are still here and therefore there's hope.

We pray that 2018 would be an awesome year for all of us. We promise to always do our very best to titillate, entertain, inform you all. We would try to improve all round in the new year on many counts and in all ramifications. Also please, support us like you have always done when we eventually move to (www.maestrosmedia.com) and we promise, no running away this time around.

Please remember that we have our own unique style honed over the years and have our house rules, a land without law is gradually tending towards chaos and anarchy, it's that thing that stands us out and separate us from others. We have deliberately being who we are and would only strive to improve on us.

We promise to serve you your tea just the way you like it and more.

Thank you so very much. Merry XmasπŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸΎπŸŽ„πŸŽ…In advance, a most prosperous New year ahead.

Without forgetting, we say again fare thee well, to all the good people that we lost in the year. May they all continually find peace! Amen. 


HRM, QUEEN ELIZABETH II, Just Adesola Oguntade & Modupeola

In their horse drawn carriage

A peep into the new horizon

Modupeola Oguntade

Nigeria High Commission

High Commissioner and retired Justice, George Adesola Oguntade and wife, Modupeola

The New Nigerian High Commissioner to the court of St. James in the UK, his excellency, retired Justice George Adesola Oguntade OFR, CON during the week, visited the Head of the Commonwealth in the person of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the queen of the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand to formally present his letter of credence as it obtains, so as to be recognised as the official Nigerian representative to the UK.

The meet took place at the official residence of her majesty, which is the "Buckingham Palace".

In tow to present his letter was the stylish wife of the retired Justice, in the person of Modupeola Oguntade!

Our elation about the visit was majorly about how we were represented very well by this new Ambassador and his wife on what could be termed his first official outing in the UK. The High Commissioner and madam having the proper understanding that they were first and foremost also a representative of our great culture and wonderful tradition, represented that in their stupendously gorgeous traditional outfit from the Yoruba tribe, from where they hail from.

The Aso Oke (high cloth) ensemble, in 2 piece of Buba and full length Agbada as worn by retired Justice Oguntade is such that, it is a "formal outfit worn only on special occasions or to important events". The "alaari", "sanyan", or "Aso Ofi" or "Etu" in their different colour codes of a shade of blue, a shade of brown and a shade of burgundy or red are on the highest level of outfits worn by people of great influence or those who can afford it in the Yoruba culture and others too who have borrowed the Culture.

Justice Oguntade & wife, showed themselves as a perfect example and knowledgeable representative of their country in their garbs and we applaud and greatly commend them. Our High Commissioners who are from different parts of our great country, should always follow and emulate this same tradition to showcase the best of our diverse cultures and traditions.

Kudos to the Oguntade.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Benedict Peters

In what can be considered as a masterstroke of a victory and also a breath of air for him, the high court in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory today declared and quashed the allegations of multiple money laundering charges and bribery of electoral officials allegations against holidaying oil and gas magnate Mr. Benedict Peters and one of his several companies, Northern Belt.

In the same vein and still via the same court, it was also declared that the $60 million dollars donation by Mr. Peters and his company to the then ruling party, the PDP was a legal donation and also was constitutional and not in breach of any laws of the land. 

With this declaration by the court, the AITEO boss, most definitely would be in a great mood as the somewhat dark cloud that had hung over him and his business for quite a bit now, is been dissipated gradually.

Story is still unfolding. 


To his sheep, meaning his congregation all over the world he is like God, a special gift of God sent to them from above.

They believe so much in him and his message that he was especially sent to them to impact their lives, so at every given opportunity to celebrate him, they do the celebrations without any reservations whatsoever.

So another December 7th as come and the opportunity to show their love came with it and like expected like an avalanche, a massive snow fall, encomiums and eulogies have flowed in like their very life depends on it.

The stupendously wealthy man of God, the presiding pastor of one of the world's fastest growing church Believers' LoveWorld Incorporation aka Christ Embassy Church, a prolific writer of many books on December 7, 2017 added another year clocking 54.

The man of God was born December 7, 1963 and he is divorced (one of the only few known blots in his life and ministry) but has 2 gorgeous daughters, Sharon and Charlene, ex wife is Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe. 

A department in his church about a month ago had presented him a very early birthday present said to be a Private jet. Pastor Chris himself, is reputed to be worth between $100 and $150 million dollars.

Happy birthday to the very dapper gentleman. 


Both do not for any reason give a damn what anyone might think, or however anyone might feel or however they feel, what's uppermost in their mind right now is their feelings for each other and from all indications, it is love made in heaven or so it seems. Both have become an item, major one at that and are always together as much as time and space would permit.

Are you still wondering who we are on about or waxing lyrical about? It's none other than the super gorgeous entrepreneur and mother of one, who runs what one could term to be like her own health farm, it's our well proportioned, very stylish, well moneyed lady FF some know her as lady F.E.F.

Maybe this one is true love at last, after the fiasco of her very public love match with that crooner known for "moving the waist like champion", which ended on a sour note! Though for several months cupid's arrows were seemingly relentless as it were fired with undeniable accuracy and the tip soaked in very potent potions, the love between the 2 was celebrated to high heavens, they both wanted to be the then newest couple in the entertainment industry then, just like 2 and Ann, LO & husband, but just as soon as the love began, it also crashed like a pack of cards and seemingly irritrivably. While FF picked up the pieces of her devasted love life and moved on gallantly, the crooner has since gone downhill, trying his best to fix his music career, but is finding it pretty hard.

Not long after that crash though, madam seemingly found love in a strange place, mimicking that hit by Rihanna which led to a gorgeous baby.

Baby's dad is a top top secret that is very well guarded, but suggestions have mentioned London and we are investigating that connection to ascertain facts. But as per lady FF's love life, that one is legendary, as she's been there done that with much aplomb!

If we were to do up a list of the who-is-who that she's dated, it would be the subject of another blockbuster story that if released on TV would win a global Emmy awards, or if released as a movie would most definitely be a contender for an Oscar awards anyday, anytime.

Young lady is in her 30s and a "very hardworking businesswoman", whose mantra is most definitely "it's all about the money", let's not lie at all, she is a freaking rich young lady, so liquid that many see her as a role model, especially TM who would do anything to be in the same shoes as FF.

On the dude named after the world famous Italian designer of high repute, he used to be a London boy, but now Lagos based. He is into this and that business where he has made crazy money and is in his 30s. He and his crew were/are some of the best patrons of Quilox, owned by Shina Peller. Imagine that these guys have fun from "Mondays to Mondays" none stop, so if they could do that and spend such mad money somewhere else, why not do their own thing and have their own joint.

So he and 2 others and most likely Lady FF the madam who is the dude's heartbeat have renovated totally upscale, not sparing any expense that former upscale joint Q, on Ademola Adetokunbo, Victoria Island Lagos and renamed it "BB", though it's a bar and lounge now, many are of the opinion it would soon become a club, because they expect it's going to be a banger of a place.

FF is suspected to have invested in the joint also because apart from her being very liquid and being able to afford to invest, she's been so passionate about the joint also, and that's how she is when she's totally and unreservedly loved up. She always goes the extra mile when she's in that mode.

Our loved up dude is a fine boy to the core, "supremely stylish" and ever bespectacled, morning, noon or night. He and his dudes just launched altogether brand spanking new S-Class Mercedes 2015 recently. They are like the 3 musketeers always together, inseparable.

Though lounge just opened to test the waters, official opening is set for Friday, when the world would experience A-class fun in a fantastic ambience.

A glass of Hibiki on ice up in the air in salute to L.O.V.E.........

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


She's undoubtedly not one to toy with stylistically. Sade Okoya, the young wife of Aare Razak Akanni Okoya has held her own now on the style stake for a few years now unobstructed.

She's evolved over the years and come into her own. She seems to have found the fail safe style that is all her own and she's owned it with much aplomb and we salute her for it.

Style like we have always harped it, is your own peculiar signature, that thing that you wear or do without necessarily thinking too much about it and which you have made your own and you are very comfortable in and with.

In the above pictures, the stylish lady here was at the 84th birthday of her husband's great friend and paddy, Prince Samuel Adedoyin and she razzled-dazzled awesomely and got everyone salivating with her poise, gait and elegance or should we just say elan. It was a simple 2 piece of an elegant top with open back worn on a beautiful well sown and classy black flared pant and she accentuated the whole garb with a nicely wrapped gele(headtie) and her bag. Her best foot forward we think!  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The young kid, Little Ali Ahmadu whose life and future had seemingly been devastated by the dastardly Boko Haram sect by an attack that had consigned him to the wheel chair awaiting a life of most probably begging or as a destitute (cripple), is now back in the country after his very successful operation in Dubai which lasted all of 3 months that has restored spring to his feet and bounce to his gait.

The young dude whose legs have been restored back to normal was in high spirit and was all smiles as he was shown to the media bouncing on his legs. He said he was fine and would love to become a policeman so as to help others and save them from harm.

With him back hale and hearty, ready to face the future head long, the foundation that helped to get him back on his feet has also promised to fund his education too. In furtherance of their philanthropic gesture to Ali, the foundation has also announced a scholarship that would take care of the little boy's education from the primary up to the tertiary institution.


Chief Rochas Okorocha

Hon. Mrs Ogechi Ololo
He is known as someone that doesn't care what you think of him. He doesn't care whose ox is gored as he just does his thing his own way.

Maybe the Governor of Imo State, Chief Rochas Okorocha has listened to that hit by Frank Sinatra (My Way) too much, that all he does now is to do everything his own way, without caring how he is perceived.

He has again defied convention and maybe definition. Not too long ago he sacked all his Commissioners, in order to inject new blood into his administration in her 2nd term. So he has just named and sworn in new Commissioners, 28 of them in total and also 27 transition committee chairmen to man the 27 Local Councils in his state.

Amongst the newly sworn in Commissioners was his own blood sister by name Mrs. Ogechi Ololo nee Okorocha. Agreed, there's nothing wrong in having all one family members as Government officials in the real sense of it, the proviso should be competence, but when the new ministry such a one would be in charge of is called "Ministry of Happiness and Couples' Fulfillment", then it beggars belief! 

Maybe the new spokesperson of the state, Prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri would hit the ground running by letting us know, what this new Ministry is all about! Sharing of Happiness by the Government of Imo then making couples fulfilled! One hope this doesn't just say something about people from Imo State.

There had been hoopla and uproar about the unneccesary statues he was building up and down that had no significance or economic value, now this appointment takes the cake.

Before this new appointment of "Come make we all chop", Madam Ololo was her brother's Deputy Chief of staff and special adviser on domestic and internal affairs and was also the Imo state chairman of Food security, maybe in those positions she had given exemplary service warranting this promotion to do more.  

Monday, December 4, 2017


Denrele Edun


Picture from Fashion Bomb

Picture from Fashion Bomb

GENDERLESS? Neither male nor female, that's what it connotes immediately in the mind, no restrictions, no law, one can be on either side of the divide as one deem fit or okay, or is it like saying haemaphrodite both genders (organs) on one same one person? Can that even really be?

We ask that basically because there's nothing like being GENDERLESS! But in Fashion, genderless is gradually like the new rave or fad. Male wearing feminine outfits, garbs, ensemble without any fear of  being tagged.

Yes we quite understand that the female/feminine can afford to be genderless style wise, they can afford to be very "FLUID" which is what we know is referred to as "androgynous"!

But now also, it seems like that supposed fluidity has creeped into men fashion/style too, and some men have begun to greatly embrace it and are showing off their feminine side with much aplomb, displaying some Oomph factor or so it seem!

Yes we know that its not a totally new thing, we know many have always explored that other side of themselves openly, even though they did that such were immediately tagged and not seen as being straight. The GENDERLESS style we are talking about here is not just wearing those pants with skirts attached, we are talking about wearing female blouses, the skirts and female shoes etc, we mean the  whole 9 yards!

Someone like Denrele Edun that has consistently for a few years now done it, was seen as weird and maybe a cross between the 2 worlds. But some also too have thought that his various ensembles/garbs were part of act, a deliberate package of a personae he is projecting, which he is making money and livelihood from and that maybe he cannot be pigeonholed into a particular box because of that.

One person that has defied definition is Bobrisky, he without minding whose ox is gored, has been very open about his preference, he live, breathes, exhales, walk and sleeps it. He dresses very feminine with glee and much aplomb, he has since totally submitted to that side of himself. 

So would more men embrace the "genderless" style? Are we going to see more of our so called macho, more heterosexual men take up this genderless thing?