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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


O’Mak Designs-Easily the most popular and definitional fashion entity owned by the Nigerian born Internationally celebrated designer-Uche Ibezue Is set to launch Its flagship store In Maryland, Washington DC highbrow shopping mall, the historic Savage Mill Mall.

The launch which Is set for June 23, 2012, Is expected to be graced by many A-List stars from fashion, media, entertainment and politics. Already confirmed are Nigerian fashion Icon & Chief Executive of Legendary Gold Limited, Lexy Mojo-Eyes, Dele Momodu, Publisher of the celebrity magazine-Ovation International, respected Nigerian socialite-Architect Fifi Ejindu and a host of other celebrities.

According to Uche Ibezue” This Is the crystallization of a dream I have always nursed and prayed to God to fulfil, and I m happy that finally we are actualizing the dream today. I am so excited by the outpouring of support and warm sentiments from all over the world. We have created designs that easily can compete and compare with any other out there.”

O’Mak Designs was established in Washington DC about two years ago and has been embraced by many fashion loving people all over the United States. She presented her collection in Nigeria for the first time during the 2011 edition of the Nigeria Fashion Week in Lagos.

Among some of the stars who wear O’Mak Designs are Ericka Dunlap, a former Miss America and a host of other stars, Including Nollywood stars.


Fan said...

I like the jumpsuit Nina or Muka has on. So Fifi Ejindu has made up with Nkiru? Uche is Nkiru's niece and i'm sure she's helping her with invites from Naija.

Anonymous said...

My main gist man of the rich and famous you are here posting about fashion when you shld be talking about the gist around twitter about ikechuwku havig an affair with efya ghanain singer. she spent the nite with him and was seen about town and leaving clubs on thurs nite. Dont dull bro! abeg get use more info.

Ur no1 tatafo